Company Secretary Course has gained much popularity in last decade in India. The course is regulated by Company Secretary Act, 1980 for ICSI better known as Institute of Company Secretary of India. There are mainly three milestones before the practical training session for Company Secretary Course, namely: Continue reading ‘Company Secretary Executive Programme’


Today, Company Secretary is one of the most important professional in any company. He acts as a link between the shareholders, board of directors and government. One can appear for the entrance exam for Company Secretary Course after completing 10 + 2. Because of the shortage of skilled professionals in the market, the demand for Company Secretaries has increased over a period of time. Continue reading ‘Company Secretary Entrance Exam’


If you have plans to enrol yourself in Company Secretary Course then kit is indeed a good move. The demand for Company Secretaries is very much there because as per Companies Act, 1956, it is mandatory for companies with a capital of 5 Cr. or more to get Company Secretary. There can be basically two types of popular ways in which a person can build a career in Company Secretary. Continue reading ‘Career in Company Secretary’


Company Secretary Course is one of the most popular courses for young generation today in India. Company Secretary is one of the top management people in a company and gets paid handsomely as well. So, if you are planning to enrol in Company Secretary Course, you should know more about the correct study material. Continue reading ‘Company Secretary Books’


In last few years, Company Secretary Course has emerged as a favorite of young Indians. Today, more and more youngsters are opting for this particular course. If one completes this course successfully, he can easily build a financially successful future for himself. This course gives an opportunity to young people to get a rewarding position in big companies. Continue reading ‘Company Secretary Course in India’